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Obagi CLENZIderm Therapeutic Lotion

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Soluzyl technology- enables a solubilized form of BPO to enable deeper penetration into skin where start of acne begins.

Recommended for these concerns:
Acne Prone/Oily Skin

Active Ingredient:
5% Solubilized BPO in lotion base, Soluzyl technology – enables penetration of BPO to root of where acne starts.

Suitable for:
Male/Female from 16 years

When to use it:
Evening – As a spot treatment on breakouts

Application Area:
Face – On applicable breakout spots


Highly recommended as a treatment product for dry or oily acne skins. No need to go onto an antibiotic if using this product as it is just as effective.

Transient stinging occur after application but subsides after 30 seconds. Please ensure the use of a sunblock everyday whilst using this product. This is a when needed product.

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